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Different Type of Residential and Commercial Locks

It really is a big deal that you are selective about the type of locks you have installed. Having the wrong type of locks installed could mean the difference of someone breaking into your home or not. This is why at Cambridge Locksmiths we encourage you to put some serious thought into the types of locks you use for your home and business. Since not only your security is at stake but also your safety, it is definitely worth taking the time to consider what your options are. You shouldn’t take unnecessary chances with your home security since this is the one place that you should be the safest. If you don’t feel that your home is safe then you may not have the right type of security. Since your business is an important investment, it is also just as important as securing your home. There are many types of locks to choose from and selecting the right one can be overwhelming. If you are not sure that you have found the right one, perhaps it is best if you consult with a locksmith to find out what you need to know about locks. Our locksmiths in Cambridge have the ability to help you find the best and most durable locks used today. By consulting with a locksmith you’ll know which types of locks are best for the door that you wish to have lock installed on. No matter how long it might take for you to feel comfortable with the lock that you choose, it will be well worth the effort to get the peace-of-mind you deserve.

Commonly Used Locks

Deadbolt Locks – The deadbolt lock is the preferred lock for most people due to its solid construction. It is the most durable of all the locks offered to you. There are several types of deadbolt locks. There are single, double and thumb turn deadbolts. The most widely used residential lock is the single cylinder lock since the keyhole is on the outside of the door and thumb turn is on the interior. The double cylinder is keyed on the inside and outside of the door. The problem with this type of lock is that the lock needs a key for both sides in order to open the door. This can pose a threat to your safety if you are unable to locate one of the keys. If there is an emergency, you may not be able to make your way out safely. Make sure you know exactly why you would ever need a double cylinder rather than a single cylinder prior to making your final decision about having a deadbolt lock installed. Remember to ask your locksmith which type of deadbolt they are installing so that you can let them know whether or not you are in agreement with them installing this type of lock. You have the final decision.

Padlocks – This is a stand-alone lock that can be placed on a gate or door and later removed and placed on another door. Padlocks are amongst the most sturdy and durable types of locks available to you. Some padlocks come with the ability to use a key while others require a combination in order to open it. The combination padlock uses a set code. The lock will only disengage once the correct combination has been entered. There are rekeyable padlocks and non-keyable. You are able to change the key that opens the padlock with a rekeyable lock. The non-rekeyable only allows you to use the key that it comes with. You often find this type of lock on outside storage facilities but they can be used elsewhere and will prove just as effective.

Rim & Mortise Locks – These types of locks are generally located on apartment doors and are sometimes used by commercial businesses. Although the two locks are similar, they do have different hardware. The mortise lock comes in various lengths with different cams. This means that they you have more options when you use a mortise lock. When you see a rim cylinder lock, it is often installed on the interior of the door. The mortise locks hardware is on the inside of the lock. A cam is used to connect the lock and it has screws that hold it together.

Knob Locks – This is another lock that is often used on home doors. It is usually installed alongside a deadbolt lock and shouldn’t really be used as the primary lock. The lock cylinder is on the inside of the doorknob, which means it is easy to break. We recommend that you only install this type of lock on the inside of your home. We also strongly recommend that you use a deadbolt lock along with your knob lock.

Wall Mount Lock – So finally, a lock for commercial use. The wall-mounted lock is generally installed during the construction of the building. Some are equipped with an alarm sensor that will indicate when unauthorized entry is being attempted.

Interchangeable Core Cylinder Lock – Many business owners can appreciate this type of lock. It can easily be rekeyed without taking the whole thing apart. When changing the lock, only the core will need to be replaced. Both a standard key and a control key can be used to open this type of lock. It is also possible to change the locks hardware. Please note that this isn’t the type of lock that you can install alongside a deadbolt lock. They don’t work together.

When everything is said and done it is really up to you as to which type of lock you choose to have installed. You can use this as a guide to start your research about the various options that you have available to you. Take advantage of the opportunity afforded to you to consult with one of our professionally trained and well-caombridge locksmith qualified locksmiths about your needs. They work with locks every day and know all that there is to know about locks.

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