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What you need to know about commercial safes

Local Cambridge, MA business operators should seriously look into adding a commercial safe to their firms. You don’t have to be a Wall Street investment banker in order to make good use of a commercial safe. Everyday local companies like pizza parlors, book stores and dry cleaners use safes to keep their valuables better protected and still easily accessible. Read on to see how having a well-built, properly placed safe can make a difference in both your peace of mind and your asset protection.

Cambridge Locksmith Services offers commercial safe products and services to local companies in the greater metropolitan area. But you don’t have to live here in Cambridge, MA to take advantage of our expertise. No matter where you or your business is located, you can benefit from the tips and expertise offered on this page.

The perception is wrong

As stated earlier, you don’t need to be a high roller in order to enjoy the benefits of a commercial safe. The image of a well-groomed stock broker type in an Italian suit comes to mind. Or, for some, a gangster-like Mafioso with piles of cash everywhere is the image that is portrayed. Companies of all sizes and categories buy, install and use commercial safes on a regular basis. You can find some of these safes in laundromats, schools, gas stations, car dealerships, pet supplies, cafes, nursing homes, luxury hotels, convenience stores, bakeries, home improvement, doctor’s offices, lumber companies, movie theaters, liquor stores and even day care centers. From home based business operations to large national chains, commercial safes everywhere protect and store items that are important to us.

So, what goes in the safe?

What would you like to protect? Hollywood movies and television shows often portray burglars and government agents breaking into safes and stealing cash, priceless gems and gold bars. Or, they steal the safe itself and get access to nuclear codes, top secret government data and ultra-private files of foreign leaders or powerful politicians. How true is any of this? To a point, it’s all true, but the solid reality is that ordinary mom and pop business operators use safes for documents, cash, extra coins, and just about anything else of value to them.

Different Cambridge, MA businesses use safes for a variety of purposes. A jewelry store may secure gems, cash and appraisals in their safe. A burger joint might keep employee records in theirs as well as rolled coins and cash waiting to be delivered in a bank run. A web design company may opt to keep software, cash, flash drives and secure passwords in their commercial safe. It’s totally up to you what you add or store in your safe and just as your business is unique and individual to your commercial interests, so are the contents of your safe.

Other possible items

Cambridge, MA companies come in many forms. We have everything from exotic fish stores to hospitals and everything in between. Each firm and its management decide what to add to their safe and for how long. We’ve seen passports, software, passwords and key codes, flash drives, cash, rolled coins, appraisals, warranties, licenses, jewelry, collectibles, and even guns added to company safes. While the perception may be that safes “advertise” that you have something worth stealing, the reality is completely different. Most owners choose to remain discreet about their safes and the contents inside. Commercial safes can be hidden behind stairs or framed art. They may be buried under a floor and covered over with a rug. They might be built into a desk, cabinet or behind a wall. They may be in plain sight but are monitored with security cameras and remote access.

But I have a filing cabinet!

This is a valid statement. File cabinets lock and are built to file away items. They even have a space behind the files where larger, non-file sized items can be hidden or stored. At first, file cabinets and locking desk drawers seem like a valid alternative to a commercial safe. There are two drawbacks to this thinking. Firstly, anyone looking to find valuables will automatically look inside the one place they are supposed to be; a locking drawer. Secondly, the locks that guard desk drawers or file cabinets are called cam locks. They do a minimum amount of guarding. Cam locks are very easy to pick or smash open and provide more of a show of security than real protection. If you have cash, precious gems or other items that need real protection, forget about keeping them in a locking file cabinet and opt instead for something worthy of your valuables; a safe!

Where to get your safe

There are many options available to you when it comes to acquiring a commercial safe. Here in Cambridge, MA there are retail stores including national chains that offer sales and outsourced installation for your safe. Safe stores can be a good place to view a varied selection. Bear in mind that most safe stores operate on a middle-man basis with high mark-up fees. They too will outsource installation, set-up and any service or repairs that are needed.

You can find safes at estate sales, garage sales, Craigslist, E-Bay and other similar sites. Amazon also has a huge selection of safes for you to choose from. Their models will be new and not used like the ones that you would buy at local sales. You also get the benefit of seeing customer reviews and educating yourself on the various models and brands available. If you buy online don’t forget to factor in the cost of shipping, set-up and warranty protection. If you buy a used safe, you may need repair work or even a new combination if the old one was lost or forgotten. A local commercial locksmith can be invaluable for situations like these. You can enjoy one-stop safe service if you work with a local locksmith shop that specializes in business lock and key services. These can include sales, set-up, repair, new combinations, maintenance, warranty protection and even free consultations.

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