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Benefits of Deadbolt Locks

If you’re thinking that as long as you have locks on your exterior doors, you can avoid a burglary, think again. It absolutely does matter which type of locks you have on your doors if you want to avoid a home invasion. At Cambridge Locksmith Services in Cambridge, MA, we consider deadbolt locks, high security locks. If you do not have deadbolt locks on every one of your exterior doors, we would suggest that you call us to have them installed right away. So what is the big deal with deadbolt locks and why should you have them? This is a typical question when we suggest that our customers have them installed in every door, these are the questions that we receive. In order to improve the quality of your home security, it is important that you have deadbolt locks installed. They are the most durable types of locks that are used today. Better security doesn’t have to be expensive. It just makes sense to start where it is most effective and this is with the installation of deadbolt locks.

The deadbolt lock is made of steel and uses a bolt that is inserted into the doorjamb and door strike plate. We recommend one with a hardened steel bolt for maximum security. There are two types of commonly used deadbolt locks, single-cylinder and double-cylinder. The single-cylinder lock is used on twist-knob doors that enable you to use the key on the outside. Other people prefer to have the double-cylinder deadbolt lock, which requires that a key is used on both sides in order to open the door. Due to the construction of deadbolt locks, it is almost impossible for forced entry to be used to gain access. This is how most burglaries occur, by way of forced entry. If you have a deadbolt lock on your door and someone is still able to gain access, this means that you had the deadbolt lock applied to a door that wasn’t strong enough to withstand the pressure. Making sure you have a sturdy door for the type of deadbolt lock being used is extremely important. If a burglar gains access it is because they have actually broken the frame of the door because the deadbolt remained on the jam but not the frame of the door. Our locksmith have enough experience to know exactly what type of locks work on what type of doors, even if you do not.

Effectiveness of a Deadbolt

A deadbolt lock is only effective when it is properly installed on the right type of door. The locks bolt must fully engage within the hole on the doorjamb and reinforced with a metal strike plate. If the bolt isn’t fully extended into the hole and if there is no strike plate on the frame, the doorframe and lock will be able to be compromised. Again, when there is evidence of forced entry it isn’t because the lock was compromised, it is because the doorframe was compromised. A screw of at least 3-inces should be used in order to effectively reinforce the strike plate in the studs of the frame. Just keep in mind that if you’re not utilizing your deadbolt lock, it will not be of much value to you. We come across people everyday who feel as though it is too much of a hassle to lock both the standard lock and the deadbolt. When we remind them why they have the deadbolt, they usually see the benefit of remembering to use this lock along with their standard lock. The other reason they may begin using their deadbolt lock more regularly is once their safety and security has been compromised due to a break-in. We are hoping that it will not get to this point before you see the benefit of installing and using your deadbolt locks.

Differences Between the Two Types of Deadbolt Locks

If you a have a door with glass panels, you should realize that your  single-cylinder deadbolt lock will not come in handy as the burglar can simply break the glass and unlatch the lock. However, on the other hand a double-cylinder deadbolt cannot be compromised in this instance since a key is needed to unlock both sides. While this incident is an instance where the double-cylinder deadbolt is useful, it can also be more problematic than a single-cylinder lock. Suppose you can’t locate the other key and there is a fire or some other type of emergency. You would be stuck unless you find the other key. This can prove very dangerous and that is why more people opt for a single-cylinder deadbolt lock. Some people also find the single-cylinder lock is easy to install themselves. Which we certainly are not opposed to them doing, we only caution homeowners of the need to make sure the lock is effectively installed in order to be effective in keeping out intruders.

While there is no doubt it is the deadbolt lock that is going to offer you the best level of security for your home, there are still some things that every homeowner and family can do to ensure that their home is always safe.

  • Use the deadbolt lock if you want the full benefit of having them
  • If it looks like someone has tried to break-in, contact a locksmith to make sure the lock has not been compromised
  • Make sure the lock is correctly installed
  • Have locks evaluated annually to ensure they are still in good condition
  • Have them installed on a sturdy, steel core door

When your budget is modest, you can still get the level of security that someone with a larger budget is able to receive. Let us help you find the right deadbolt locks for you. If you already have deadbolt locks installed but are not sure about the quality of your door or the lock, we’re happy to advise you of whether or not what you have is sufficient for you to avoid a break-in.

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