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Various Kinds of Locks

People are usually surprised to find out just how many different kinds of locks actually exist. You might have the idea in mind that there are standard choices, like deadbolts, padlocks, etc. Of course, this is true. But there are so many different types of locks within the categories that exist that it can be overwhelming to know which is the best one or the most fitting for your particular situation or circumstances. Cambridge Locksmith Services is a company that provides services in Cambridge, MA but they have taken the time to put together a list of some of the numerous different options available so that people everywhere will have a better idea of what options they have. Hopefully, if you are looking for new locks, this will help to provide further information on the choices you have! Of course, it is a wise idea to do your own research because there are so many kinds of locks that not all of them could be listed here.

Different Kinds of Locks

Some locks might attach to walls, some attach to doors, and some attach to different structures. Some locks are portable, like padlocks. Some locks come in keyed variations while others come in combination variations. There are locks that can go on lockers. There are locks that can go on bikes. There are so many options! Have a look at some of the details here:

Lever Handle Locks and Knob Locks

Lever handle locks attach to a door knob and use a locking mechanism. This also holds true for knob locks. A knob lock works when a person turns the doorknob to one side while inserting a key. A lever lock, on the other hand, will have to be pushed in a downward way to open up a door. When these types of doors are used at a commercial property, it is often said that a panic device should be inserted on the interior of the door, so if a person wants to open the door from the inside to get out fast in an emergency, they just push down on a bar.

Deadbolt Locks

Deadbolts are typically used in combination with knob locks. Their purpose is to add more security. They will be used on external doors. They have a cylinder that one has to slide into open and closed positions. Some deadbolts use a key. So a deadbolt doesn’t just come as one option. It comes in multiple options and finishes.

Locks for Furniture – File Cabinet Locks, Drawer Locks, etc.

Furniture locks are another type of popular lock that is utilized on drawers, desks and sometimes even cabinets. These are popular in office buildings where property owners want to keep certain people out of certain parts of their property.

Keyless Door Locks

There are also keyless door locks, which are becoming more and more popular. Biometric fingerprint locks operate by the use of a fingerprint scanner. The lock will only become unlocked if the scanner is able to identify a fingerprint which has been approved. There are many variations of this lock which also allow a person to view the activity history. This is a great way to keep track of people entering and leaving a property. Keyless deadbolts use a numeric keypad and they can only be opened if the right passcode is entered. Remote control locks are yet another type of keyless entry lock that is connected to a remote control or keychain fob. It is common for vehicles. Keyless locks are convenient for people who own business properties because they save building owners from having to pay to rekey or replace their locks every time an employee leaves. Anyone who ever had a key to your property could have made copies of it at any point in time. And even if that person was completely trustworthy, who is to say that they didn’t leave the key sitting around one time, and another person was able to snatch it for just long enough to make a copy? With keyless entry, one can save money by being able to avoid replacing or rekeying locks every so often. Therefore, keyless locks are becoming relatively popular with both commercial building owners and homeowners who are looking to be able to access their property using their smartphone or from a distance to allow a friend or family member to get inside.

So Many Choices!

Clearly, there are many different kinds of locks available for purchase, and they come at all different price points, too. It is important to do your research or even take advantage of a free consultation with a local locksmith so that you can find out all of the details you want to know. There might even be types of locks that you had never heard of before.

Get on the phone with a locksmith in your area, whether that happens to be Cambridge, Massachusetts or somewhere else in the country. Ask about the different locks available for the different points of your property. Talk about locks that might be beneficial for you if you have a safe or a bike that you leave in random spots. Talk about the locks which might help to keep your commercial property as safe as possible. And ask a professional what they recommend for your home to ensure intruders are unable to get in easily. If you think your locks are falling apart, then make sure to have them replaced as quickly as possible. If you had an employee leave your company, or if you had a person renting from you recently leave because they found a new place, make sure to have the locks rekeyed, at the very least. Do what you need to do to protect your property by investing in a strong lock. And if your locks were ever damaged, be sure to have them fixed or replaced by an expert.

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