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Keyless entry system benefits

For thousands of years, man has used locks and keys to guard his most prized possessions. Ancient lock hardware has been found in archaeological sites, tombs, temples and shrines the world over. Never did any of our long gone ancestors ever dream that one day locks could have NO keys! Keyless entry is a newer technology allowing users to secure their valuables with locks that don’t require a key as we know it to use. Keyless entry systems can be found in cars, hotels, homes, offices, hospitals, museums, retails stores and hundreds of other applications. The benefits of using keyless entry systems are many and Cambridge Locksmith Services invites you to learn more about this technology by reading this post.

Keyless entry at home

Residential uses for keyless entry are many. In fact, it’s been used for many years in high rise luxury condo development as well as 4 and 5 star hotels. Now, even entry level single family homes can use keyless entry systems and do away with keys that can break, become stuck or lost. Using keyless entry at home is simple; just enter a number sequence onto the keypad and if the correct code is used, the door is unlocked. Doing without keys may sound a little weird at first but think about it; no more hiding keys under the door mat or over the door sill where any low-grade burglar can find them. No more house keys accidentally dropped into the gutter or lost at the sporting arena; just a few simple numbers punched into the keypad and you are in the house!

Lost keys are not only a hassle; they can put your home security in peril. Even if you find your spare key that you hid for safekeeping, the lost key is still out there somewhere, and can be used at any time, whether you are home or not. If you don’t have a spare, you can always have a new key cut, or to be really safe, rekey the lock altogether and use new keys.

With keyless entry, simply use your code access to get in and anytime you want to change it, you can. You can even have your lock set up so that each member of your family has their own sequence. This makes kids feel special and offers a fun way to use modern lock security.

Automotive keyless entry

Most folks are familiar with keyless entry on cars and SUVs. Here in Cambridge, MA many of the luxury car dealers offer this option for their higher end vehicles. Reviews are often mixed as some prefer not to have it and others can’t live without it. Just like keyless entry for homes, a number sequence or code is entered into the keypad and the car door opens when the right one is used. Many love the fact that car keys don’t need to be carried around all day and risk becoming lost, broken or stolen.Automotive keyless entry also provides added security as all the driver has to do is push a button on a keychain to lock, unlock or even start the car.

Commercial keyless entry

A good portion of the thousands of Cambridge, MA local businesses use keyless entry on a day to day basis. In fact, once you’ve read this post, you’ll start to notice it more and more about town. Since local firms have so many doors, mailboxes, cabinets, storage rooms and locking furniture, it just makes sense to streamline all these locks and keys and use keyless entry instead. Remember your grade school janitor and the huge key ring he had attached to his belt? Keyless entry can do away with a vast portion of those and master key conversions can eliminate the rest!

You can find commercial keyless entry in hotels, retirement homes, retail stores, warehouses, car dealerships, hospitals, art galleries, office buildings and hundreds of other places about town. Keyless entry not only does away with keys per se, it also helps keep track of who comes and goes, and at what time, too!

Other “cool” facts

Keyless entry is not limited to number sequences; badges and swipe cards are often used instead. A plastic card about the same size and thickness of a credit card can be embedded with a photo id and pertinent information about the employee on one side and a magnetic code on the other. Once the card is either swiped through or held up to a card reader the staff member is cleared to enter the area. Now keyless entry is doubling as access control, too. Using this form of access can show employers what time and who entered the building or certain rooms. Keyless entry can be installed on safes, conference rooms, server areas, front doors, mail rooms, back doors, office doors, board rooms and even vaults. It’s simple and very effective to keep unauthorized persons or terminated staff out the building or certain rooms by simply changing their keyless entry access code or revoking it.

Security features can be built in to keyless entry applications. These work not only here in Cambridge, MA but anywhere else that keyless entry is used. For instance, if a would-be car thief enters the wrong code in an effort to guess the right combination, an alarm will sound and the police might even be called to prevent a vehicle theft. If a key employee leaves the company or transfers to another building, his access code can be easily changed to reflect this without issuing new keys or collecting his old ones.

Other forms of keyless entry include retina scanners and thumbprint technology also known as biometric access which is even now being used with Apple iPhones, bank vaults and in many government buildings. As uses and applications for different forms of keyless entry increase, the costs come down and the public’s acceptance and demand for it rises, as well. Keyless entry has a bright future and is here to stay so become acquainted with it and use it to make your life more convenient and better secured.

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